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Annual subscriptions with no royalties or hidden fees



All Platforms Free for 30-Days
Android Phone Stays Free
Deploy to Public App Stores


Less than


per platform per developer
Up to 5 People in the Organization
Deploy to Public App Stores
Installation Support


Less than


per platform per developer
Unlimited company size
Deploy into Enterprises and
Public App Stores
Installation Support with up to
3 Developer Incidents per year

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Enterprise Mobility Services

Enterprise Mobility Services (EMS) securely expose custom APIs, access Enterprise data with SQL database connectors, and provide a secure, embedded and SQL server database. The service also includes API hosting and data storage and is available for on-premise or private cloud deployment on services such as Amazon and Rackspace. EMS is an optional service of Appmethod.
Enterprise Data Access
Custom API Hosting
Data Storage
On-Premise or Private Cloud


5 development licenses


50 users


500 users
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1,000 users
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5,000 users
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Is the Free plan really free?

Yes! There are no royalties or hidden fees with Appmethod and the free plan is open for you to use as much as you’d like.  There are a few restrictions for using the Free plan:

  • Link back to Appmethod in your app’s listing (example text: “This app was created with Appmethod”)
  • Only C++ is included
  • Cannot add custom design devices
  • After 30 days, you can only develop Android Phone apps

Where can I publish my apps to with the Free plan?

With the Free plan, you can publish apps to Public App stores as much as you’d like. There is no restriction to the number or types of apps you can publish. For publishing apps internally to an Enterprise, you’ll need a Business plan.

What platforms can I develop apps for with the Free plan?

The Free plan allows you to develop apps for all platforms for the first 30 days and Android Phone apps for free afterwards. Android Phone apps are defined as Android devices with a screen size less than 6 inches diagonally.

Where can I deploy my apps with the Individual and Business plans of Appmethod?

The Individual and Business plans allow you to publish to any public app store, including Google Play, Apple App Store, the Amazon App store, and any other public app store available or public website. Deploying internally to enterprises requires the Business plan.

What kind of support is included?

The Individual and Business plans both include support for getting started or installation issues you might have. The Business plan also includes 3 developer incidents for more detailed support questions that involve writing or modifying code. The Free Forever plan only provides support through our community site.

What Operating System do the Appmethod tools and IDE run on?

The Appmethod tools run on Windows 7, 8 and 8.1. See the full system requirements. Appmethod can also be run on a virtual machine (VM) such as VMware or Parallels. 

What languages can I write Appmethod apps?

Appmethod apps can be written in Object Pascal and C++.

What is included in the Enterprise Mobility Services?

Appmethod's Enterprise Mobility Services can be used to securely expose APIs over REST/JSON, access Enterprise data with the included SQL database connectors, and provide a secure, embedded and server database. Connect to your Enterprise SQL databases including Oracle, IBM DB2, Sybase, Microsoft SQL Server, PostgreSQL, MySQL, InterBase and more. The service also includes API Hosting, Data Storage, Private Cloud Deployment, and Amazon, Rackspace, or On-Premise availability.

Is there a student or academic plan available?

Yes! We provide individual student plans as well as classroom and university plans. To get started, contact your local sales office and we'll walk you through the different options.